Currently we are designing a system to make research data management planning machine-actionable. This involves the automation of workflows and exchange among information systems and services. If you are interested in machine-actionable DMPs or are a stakeholder of research data management (e.g. researcher), feel welcome to try out our mockups and give us feedback. Your help is very appreciated!


Data management plans (DMPs) are documents accompanying research proposals and project outputs. They describe data and tools employed in scientific investigations, mostly in free-form text. The current manifestation of a DMP - a static document often created before a project begins - only contributes to the perception that DMPs are an annoying administrative exercise. What they really are - or at least should be - is an integral part of research practice, since today most research across all disciplines involves data, code, and other digital components.

We still need a human-readable narrative, but there is now widespread recognition that, underneath, the DMP could have more thematic, machine-actionable richness with added value for all stakeholders: researchers, funders, repository managers, ICT providers, librarians, etc.

Stakeholder Usecases
Use cases and stakeholders of an institutional, machine-actionable DMP support system.

The larger goal is to improve the experience for all involved by exchanging information across research tools and systems and embedding DMPs in existing workflows. As a result, parts of the DMPs can be automatically generated and shared with other collaborators or funders.

If you are interested to find out more, please refer to Further Readings.


Inspired by community ideas, mainly coined by the maDMPs white paper by Simms et al., we developed a set of semi-automated workflows that describe the process of data management planning from the perspective of a researcher at a research institution or university. The list of processes is not exhaustive, but shows how data management planning can be supported my means of automation and system integration in an institutional context. Please find the description here.

Workflows Overview
Overview on semi-automated Data Management Planning Process


Based on the workflows we designed mockups of such a system. The mockups shall help the stakeholders to better imagine the system and provide valuable feedback that shapes the future development. The mockups are available in the following formats:

Balsamiq Mockups
Created with Balsamiq.

How can you contribute

Try out the mockups and let us know what you think about it.

Thank you for your help!

Further Readings

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